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Vintage Bow + Tie Dangle Brooch Necklace

Vintage Bow + Tie Dangle Brooch Necklace

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This conversion necklace is made up of:

  • Vintage Victorian Revival brooch pendant from the 1940s with black enamel details. Pendant measures 1.3" wide by 1.3" tall. Brooch conversion pendant is in the shape of an elaborate bow and has a dangling component resembling a gentleman's tie.

  • New 14k gold filled chain that measures 18”. 

Necklace pictured measures 18”. If desired, an adjustable chain length may be built into the existing chain to be more versatile, adjustable from 16-17-18 inches or 18-19-20 inches or 20-21-22 inches. Wear this necklace shorter or longer depending on the neckline of what you're wearing.

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