Lily Henry Jewelry is all about repurposed, upcycled and conversion jewelry made using vintage and antique components.  Lily Henry Jewelry was born out of a passion project that began in early 2019, when founder Amy Zhang discovered that she not only liked jewelry, but was in fact obsessed with it...and she still is! 

The name Lily is for my mother and Henry for my father, and with this I honor my own history. Adornment and all its forms of self-expression and history are what is so enthralling to me. As I repurpose old brooches, bar pins, watch fobs, fur clips and cufflinks, I wonder who might have worn them, for what occasion, and into whose hands were they passed down through the years. I consider what life these pieces have bore witness to, and what they still might as I consider how to give them new life. Old pieces that might have been tucked away in a drawer never to be worn or admired are converted into necklaces, bracelets and earrings, ready to be cherished anew.

I use all kinds of fun things in my pieces, especially old brooches, bar pins and buttons. But also shoe clips and fur clips, cufflinks and hat pins. I do an immense amount of "treasure hunting", and due to the nature of the pieces having so much history, much of the jewelry is one of a kind. In fact, many of the repurposed "pieces of history" are over a hundred years old!

Lily Henry Jewelry got its start in the Deep South in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As of August 2021, Amy transplanted to the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon, where Lily Henry Jewelry is now based.