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Edwardian 10k Gold Caduceus Watch Key Necklace

Edwardian 10k Gold Caduceus Watch Key Necklace

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A 10k gold antique Edwardian/Art Deco era pendant charm circa 1915. On the front is a caduceus symbol overlying a silhouette map of the America. Monogrammed over this is DBN and the year 1915. The back of this pendant is hallmarked 10k along with a maker's mark and the name J. S. Niles, Jr. and the numbers 4013. Presumably the person's initials on the front having the started with the same letter as the name on the back might mean that they both share the last name Niles.

Perhaps they were both medical professionals? Who would have worn this first? Perhaps this belonged to DBN, and then was gifted J.S. Niles, Jr. upon completion of and achieving his medical degree or license. Or maybe it was the other way around. One can only wonder. My own limited sleuthing and investigation was not fruitful. At best guess, J. S. Niles is most likely John S. Niles as John is a common American name. And Niles is not an uncommon surname, so there have been and are a number of Dr. Niles'.

This would be an excellent gift for someone in the medical field, whether a doctor, nurse, physician assistant, medic, EMT or other first responder.

Pendant charm measures 5/8” x 1 1/2” and weighs a hefty 6.4g.

New 14k gold-filled chain. Chain length is 16". 

Necklace pictured measures 16”. If desired, an adjustable chain length may be built into the existing chain to be more versatile, adjustable from 16-17-18 inches or replaced with a longer chain adjustable from 18-19-20 inches. Wear this necklace shorter or longer depending on the neckline of what you're wearing.

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